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Declutter Service

 You’ve chosen to declutter​:

  • This is because a planned and exciting change may be on the horizon.


  • Or circumstances have created an opportunity to revaluate what you or a loved one possess.

  • Or you just want to reorganise your possessions in the space you have, so it is more efficient & inspiring.

  • Having a fresh set of eyes and ears to help you move forward would make a big difference.

Decluttering doesn't mean having to live in a show home or follow the trendiest interior styles, I love helping people find what works for there living space/ work space, life style and taste. Which I believe is worth expressing and celebrating. The only thing I do try to encourage is people consider the planet and choose environmentally friendly solutions. To learn about our declutter journey click here.

Decluttering can be both an exciting prospect or a daunting task ahead. It can be a time to laugh and a time to cry. As possessions are evaluated, some hold memories that can make parting company difficult. Sometimes we just need a person who is sensitive and detached from our possessions, to help us plan a path forward that helps bring peace of mind.


I recognise that peoples reasons to declutter and their availability varies, it may be a slow plod, a longer term plan or it may be an intense sort out in a week. I can work in a way that can suit you.

How does it work?

  • Firstly you will need to book a 1 hour planning session. Online or telephone-£30. This will include a questionnaire (that will be sent out in advance) to find out your individual circumstances. Then through discussion a plan will be agreed for your decluttering & organising.

  • Secondly, based on your plan you may then need to book further sessions (SEE BELOW). Online offers you help to get started, encouragement, review & keep you on track. In person offers all this plus help with the physical aspect of moving items and bagging up. We can take away any items (that will fit in our vehicles) to charity shops. Also, we can assist with loading etc. for runs for recycling or disposal.


Online 6am-8pm. Including weekends. UK time


Online, offers great flexibility. With individual sessions from 1 to 4 hours in a day, or split sessions to do a number of hours spread throughout a day.​​

Individual Sessions 

  • 1 Hour– £25

  • Hours– £50


  • ​3 Hours– £75

  • 4 Hours– £100

If email confirmation is required of what was discussed or next steps needed – actual session length will be 10 minutes shorter.

For sessions over 2 hours there will be a ten minute break during the session

Split Sessions. eg one hour in the morning to plan and get started then one at lunchtime to assess, and one at end of day to review and plan ahead

  • 2 Separate Hours in 1 day – £60

  • 3 Separate Hours in 1 day – £100

In Person 6am-8pm. Including weekends.

  • Half day (4 hours) am or pm, includes 10min break – £120

  • Full day (8 hours) two 10 min breaks and one 30 mins – £200 

  • Week (5 days within 7 day period) – £900 per week

Mileage charged extra


Free within a 10 mile radius and 30 minutes drive of TR13 and charged at 45p per mile for any additional mileage and £15 per hour for travel time over the 30 minutes.



  • If 50 miles away this would be 100 miles total. 20 miles free, so 80 miles would be charged at 45p = £36

  • It Takes 1 hour 30 mins each way = total 3 hours, 1 hour free, so 2 hours charged at £15 per hour = £30TOTAL= £66



Overnight stay charge TBC dependent on accommodation available.

Declutter Journey

Our declutter journey


Finding inspiring practical creative living solutions are skills Anthony and I have honed through a variety of experiences. Both our academic art and design training to MA hons level has given us an imaginative and inspired eye. Anthony working as a professional decorator for 25 years bringing life to private, rented and business properties. Supporting landlords to maintain properties for professional and student settings. 


As well as our own journey through rented multi single occupancy accommodation, family accommodation sharing with other individuals with our children from birth to teenagers. To adjusting to the empty nest and the two of us again. 


We have organised our living space within suburban 2 bed terraces and 3 bed semi detached houses to victorian 4 story properties to tiny Cornish cottage life and converted and travelled in camper van spaces for work and pleasure purposes. As well as moving eldely relatives out of property when the time has arisen for them to embrace more supported care with the added task of integrating family heirlooms into our existing living space. Also a season of homelessness living in friends houses with baby, pet and possessions in tow.


We are only too familiar with the practical and emotional task of adjusting our personal possessions to where we are living and the age and cultural expectations of who we are living with. Alongside tracking with technology, keeping within budgets and thinking green as we organise our living spaces.

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