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Below is our future Retreats statement
We plan to run a program of organised retreats throughout the year.
You can also book your own retreat holiday, where you can plan your own time or book in sessions with resident artist/leaders if available. Just get in touch and well see what we can organise.
Art Retreats​

Spend time trying something new or deepening what you already do. We run different types of art retreats, some are a time where you can just have a go, overseen by one of our staff or artists. Others are more structured with professional artist teaching set lessons aimed at different skill levels. All include time to chill, eat, walk, rest and experience God in a deeper way

Rest Retreats

As the name says, you can just rest, enjoy time away. There will be organised times of walks, art sessions, worship, visiting local places and plenty of time to just chill

Spiritual Retreats

Worship, Prayer, teaching, sozo ministry, friendly chats, fun and games. quite times in the grounds or studios. walks on the coast, ice cream.

Adventure Retreats

A mix of art sessions, surfing, paddle boarding, walking, eating, chilling, camp fires

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