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Communal Area-Education-Cafe & More

Within Out Of The Blue we want to develop a culture of honour, of ethical and sustainable living in all we do, build, consume and use.

To develop a spiritual community for artists based in Cornwall. Some of the community will live together full time, others access studios daily or through residencies. Others will come to connect with God through the community’s daily routine, like maintaining the community garden or taking part in courses and experiences. Enjoying it as a Place of peace, pilgrimage or rest.

The aim of the community will be to create a home for God in each artist. Creating an atmosphere and culture to receive blue prints from heaven and incubate and grow creative projects and ideas. To be a safe, nurturing space for the creative person to develop a deep and rich intimate connection with God and for that relationship to be released into creative expression.


The creative person is often the person who dreams, imagines and sees the blue prints from heaven. They have the conviction to run with it and see it land in reality whatever the cost. From the creative person new ways of living are brought about and before long it becomes the norm. Give an artist a wreck, they see a palace. We need to care for our dreamers and creators and we need to do this for the generations to come.

God wants to make his home in us and he wants us to move in and live and enjoy heaven whilst here on earth. We want to support artists to live in union with him and out of intimacy find creative expression, celebration and freedom.

Future Plans
  • ​Own a large plot of land

  • Build eco buildings (solar/wind power, living roof, sustainable/recycled materials). either shipping containers, log cabins or something similar for:-


Studios, individual or shared

Communal chill area

Large multipurpose area. teaching/workshops/worship etc

Small multipurpose rooms for prayer, relaxing, meetings, planning etc


  • Outside camp fire area

  • large camping field room for large marque

  • Communal gardens to relax, play, paint in. Tropical plants, water, people could donate plants as they visit.

  • Fruit and veg Garden

  • Cafe. Public and residents. local produce.

  • Gallery and shop.

  • Library

Services we offer now or in future

  • Spiritual community. Meet together to worship, learn, discuss and grow together 

  • Residences for post grad art students, 1 year reduced living cost

  • Internal and external teachers

  • Photography courses, Basic and advanced. Professionals or just for fun

  • Art Therapy

  • Art Sozo

  • Art school

  • Arts Awards

  • Workshops for schools

  • Workshops for home educated.

  • Mentoring and advice

  • Spiritual advice

  • Guided walks

  • Nutritional life style teaching

  • Trips abroad to help communities through art

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