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Jo and I are renting a house and praying for land in Cornwall to start a community.

Below is our future community statement

Community Living

We want to create a community of people who love God, most will be artists. We class an artist as someone who enjoys doing their art whether full time, part time, paid or not, beginner or experienced. At Out Of The Blue we aim to be ethical, sustainable, caring, compassionate, educational, teachable and good friends.

There will be a core group of who live on site, either in their own or shared accommodation and studios. Others will live elsewhere and access Out Of The Blue for their art.

Everyone will share some responsibility in looking after the place, gardening, cleaning etc and all share a desire of expanding our relationship with God.

We will also encourage local post grad art students to be part of our community. We will offer them low cost, one-year studio space to give them a helping hand in getting their career going.

We see ourselves as one big family, in it together, different roles, different ideas, different skills, united together.

We will be a LIVING community which means we don't hide when visitors arrive. Retreats and events are part of who we will be and as such we embrace the noisy camp fires (not too late as people do have to work) We will still do the gardening, hang out in the communal areas and even talk to you!!

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