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Finding inspiring practical creative living solutions are skills Anthony and I have honed through a variety of experiences. Both our academic art and design training to MA hons level has given us an imaginative and inspired eye. Anthony working as a professional decorator for 25 years bringing life to private, rented and business properties. Supporting landlords to maintain properties for professional and student settings. 


As well as our own journey through rented multi single occupancy accommodation, family accommodation sharing with other individuals with our children from birth to teenagers. To adjusting to the empty nest and the two of us again. 


We have organised our living space within suburban 2 bed terraces and 3 bed semi detached houses to victorian 4 story properties to tiny Cornish cottage life and converted and travelled in camper van spaces for work and pleasure purposes. As well as moving eldely relatives out of property when the time has arisen for them to embrace more supported care with the added task of integrating family heirlooms into our existing living space. Also a season of homelessness living in friends houses with baby, pet and possessions in tow.


We are only too familiar with the practical and emotional task of adjusting our personal possessions to where we are living and the age and cultural expectations of who we are living with. Alongside tracking with technology, keeping within budgets and thinking green as we organise our living spaces.

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