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Wellbeing Management & Psychotherapy


Mental decluttering is pretty much the same as physical decluttering. Your mind is like a room that has been allowed to get pretty chaotic due to


  • Busy life 

  • Un expected situations or changes landing at your door step.

  • Or you were never shown from an early life how to care for yourself mentally and emotionally.

  • Past life hurts or traumatic event have left a mark creating barriers to move forward.


Previous coping strategies no longer work and before you know it one too many things can make your mind do a 360 spin and it feels over whelming not knowing if your coming or going.


Wellbeing Management

For some folk its a spring clean that's all that is needed. Using some wellbeing check points to help us find personal strategies to bring balance back to your mind. 



For others its a deep clean and sort out. Some times we have to put ourselves in a place to be heard. Heard by ourselves and others as they reflect back what we may be thinking through. Some times our thoughts are muddled and need a safe space to lay everything out before re organising it and putting things back in a better order.


Clients are always in control of the decluttering process and can work on areas of there life over set times. Sometimes its good to test out the work that has been done or review then re book for further sessions as you feel led.As a psychotherapist who is integrated in approach i can taylor make the journey suitable to your need. As a specialist in Art there are many wonderful creative ways to assist the mind, body and spirit to come back into harmony.More Info on Art Psychotherapy Click here.

Do You feel you need a companion for the journey that can offer a one off or regular safe mental space to support you re orientate your inner world supporting you to find fresh vision for the road a head ?

  • I have worked with all ages individuals, groups and families Uk & Abroad.

  • I have journeyed with people through:

Anxiety, Depression, Loss, Separation, Sexual abuse, Domestic abuse, Long term illness, Adoption, Suicide and Crisis management, Trauma, Addiction, ADHD, Autism, low self esteem including ,Severe disabilities and Culturally sensitive work.

Prices & Booking


Free 10 minute phone Consultation 

  • Free Initial Psychotherapy Assessment Session

  • Psychotherapy Individual Adult/ Child 50 mins £50 

  • Psychotherapy Couple, Family 50 - 90mins £65/£90/ Group POA

Wellbeing Management

Free 10 min phone consultation 

Individual session Adult /Child £50 ( 50 mins with 10 min for follow up email of plan & tools) 

All mental health work is conducted by a HCPC registered Art Psychotherapist and will be carried out according to the BAAT (British Association of Art Therapies) Code of Ethics and Principles of Professional Practice to which I am a registered member.

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