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Spiritual Health

Art Sozo

Connecting to the heart of God through Art

Bethel Sozo is named after the Greek word "Sozo" in the bible which means "saved, healed, delievered".This inner healing ministry was developed in the late 1990's by Dawn DeSilva & Teresa Liebscher.

In a traditional one to one Sozo session, facilitators follow the lead of Holy Spirit to guide participants through an encounter with God. This is to identify any wound or lies that may have clouded their ability to see God and fully experience his love and power.

Art Sozo is a unique take on the traditional sozo process, blending traditional sozo inner healing tools with the freedom of art as a away to connect with god and heal wounds and lies. It is done in a workshop setting that is carefully woven together to create a safe environment filled with intimacy, where God can powerfully move to touch peoples heart releasing creativity and bringing lasting healing.

Art Sozo is meant to be fun and inviting, it is not dependant on artistic skill or prior art training. if someone can finger paint, they can do art sozo. Because the process connects people to their hearts and deep emotion, it is also important that Art Sozo not be taken lightly.

"Father God loves to see us operate in the fullness of how he created us.He loves when we seek to partner with him while expressing ourselves creatively.God doesn't want us to compare our art.He simply wants us to enjoy the creative process with him. Art Sozo is an invitation to surrender any limiting assumptions about ourselves or our artistic skills in order to co create with papa God." Gail Spooner Art Sozo Founder.

Closed group session for 6 people

3 hours £50 per person ( including all materials/ refreshments)

Run through out the year. Please see events page for details.Or email to show your interest. 

Image by Greg Rakozy
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