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Photography lessons
by Anthony Egerton

Photography is a mixture of art and capturing memories as such we will always be experimenting and learning. I run lessons to help people to do this and create more fulfilling images. If you want to learn to improve your holiday and day to day photos or more experimental photography with a camera or a phone, I will be able to help you

Personal One To One Lesson

These can be tailor-made, depending on what camera you use, what you like to photograph and what you want to learn, and are aimed at giving you general tips that will help you with all photographic genres. They will all include walking in the Cornish countryside or villages and towns. They are relaxed, and fun.

Half day lessons will be on location with advice given as we walk and photograph.

Full day will also include a sit down and look at some of your photos on a laptop, in a coffee shop/camper van or outside (depends where we are and the weather)

Photography “Talk, Walk and Click” personal one to one lessons for beginners/intermediate half/full day £100/180

Personalised group Lesson (min 2 max 4 people)

Would you like a lesson with a group of friends. These are similar to the individual lesson but with group teaching and some individual advice tailored to each persons needs on the day or expressed in advance.   

This is a full day lesson.

Personalised Group Photography “Talk, Walk and Click”  lessons for beginners/intermediate, full day £100 each,

Group Lesson (min 3 people)

Join in with an organised group day out, meet new friends as you learn and enjoy photography together

This is a day trip where the date, lesson content and venue are preplanned by myself. There will be opportunity to ask questions but it is more group focused than individual needs focused. 

I will be offering different "styled" days some in the countryside/coast some in a town or village. Street photography and landscape focused.

The lessons will include tips on composition, lighting, camera settings and is a general how to improve your images time

Group Photography Day “Talk, Walk and Click”  lessons for beginners/intermediate, full day £70 each.

All lessons can be booked all year round, so please just get in touch if you would like to book or for more information.

One to one and personalised group lessons can be booked for two consecrative full days. You can then spend much longer experimenting on each lesson, or one day in the country and one in a town shooting different types of images.

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