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Helping Hand

Helping Hand is our financial help program for those who would like to use our therapy services but are unable to pay the full amount.

If you are on a low income and need a helping hand please get in touch, if our fund has money in it we may be able to use some of it to reduce the cost for you. The fund exists by the generous gifts of people who really want to help others access our services.

The service is offered on a honour/honesty bases, so we ask that you only use it if you are absolutely struggling on a low income and can not pay the full amount. If you can pay please leave the fund for others to get a Helping Hand, Thank you

Want to help give someone a Helping Hand by giving a gift to the Helping Hand fund then please use the details below, ALL money given into this fund is only ever used to give people a Helping Hand when they use our services.

Helping hand bank transfer details

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