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Spiritual Health

One to One Creative mentor sessions.

Are you ready to enter a whole new world? Well you can right here:

  • Guided one to one online or in person creative mentor sessions at your pace.


  • No previous experience needed.


  • Learn how to unlock the imagination through a playful approach to using art materials & or other creative mediums.


  • Learn how to recognise holy spirits voice through the creative process.


  • Begin to experience the power creative engagement can have to deepen your intimacy with yaweh unlocking infinite possibilities. 

Sessions 60 mins minimum 6 sessions 

In Person £          Incl art materials 

online £               no art materials 

Image by Greg Rakozy

Art Sozo


Guided mark making to deepen your intimacy with God.

Closed group session for 6 people

3 hours £50 per person ( including all materials/ Refreshments)

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