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Events can be paid for via our funding page

Image by Fré Sonneveld

The Sanctuary 

This is the creamy centre. It the wonderous mix of your amazing self who lives and moves in union with yaweh turning up and letting your creative juices flow. Mixing your delightful sounds & colours through your voice, instrument, art medium, movement we hope to release the sound of heaven joining with the angels as we worship our beloved.

Monthly Saturday 7-10pm Free/  All Ages

Image by Christelle BOURGEOIS
Image by Nadjib BR

Yes guys its time to have a fun! Join Jo-Ann treasure hunting.Enjoy a day out allowing yaweh to meet you in a fun and personal way bringing light life and love on your adventure.Be inspired by the beautiful Cornish country side as your driven in Flow our camper van taking in lunch and diving into the magical eccentric mix of vintage and charity shops. With only four places enjoy an intimate time to reflect & show and tell with your fellow treasure seekers.With cream tea to close.

Glory in the Charity Shop 

Creative Union

Image by Jr Korpa

Unravelling the mystery of a creative union.


Does your intimacy with yaweh find expression through creative engagement. Guys its time for creatives to gather, encourage and share the wondereous riches that each one of us experience as we know the depths that communion through creativity brings. Come and hang out with like spirited folk. Share what your exploring creatively. Reflect on your creative engagement and union with yaweh. Lets unlock mystery together through the language of the creator. 3 hours pre booked 6 places available each time.


Opportunity to show, tell, reflect & create In a safe secure empowered atmosphere.

Booking in cycles of 6 sessions. 6 places. £ 120 per person.Includes material & drinks  7-10pm

Image by Josh Hild

The Big Family Art Club

Multi sensory fun & adventure sessions.The purpose of these sessions is to play, explore and experiment with all sorts of materials. No agenda, but to allow the unfolding of the medium to take you on a journey. There is no skill needed, just give your self the permission to give it ago, make mistakes and even make a mess, all in the mix of the adventure. Oh what fun!

2hrs / 10 places materials & refreshments included. 

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