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lnner Healing 

Have you highlighted unhelpful repeated patterns of behaviour or thoughts that have shaped your self beliefs and that of your families, down the generations?


Do you want to uproot them and re-build new ones, creating a new path for you and future generations.


Allow time to find out who God says you are, not what the world around you says.


Home is where the heart is. What you believe in your heart will determine what you think, feel and respond to. Reprogram your heart and walk a new path.

Remember who you really are. Find your happy thought like Peter Pan

Over the years God has led us & our family to many wonderful inner healing ministries to align our bodies, minds and spirits to the truth of who he says we are. Some of these ministries we have gone on to train in.

Led by the Holy Spirit we draw on these tools and approaches (listed below) to help you.

  • Restoring The Foundations Healing Ministry - Anthony & Jo-Ann

  • Bethel Sozo Healing Ministry 

One to one Bethel Sozo ministry - Jo-Ann

Advanced Sozo - Jo-Ann

Art Sozo - Jo-Ann

  • Studied Ha Khan Ivri 2020-2021 - Foundation Nest 2 years - Jo-Ann

  • Lie Busters & Healing Codes. Jo-Ann

Prices & Booking

One to One Inner Healing Session up to 2 hrs £50 per session 

For more info & to book, see contact details

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