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Hello and welcome to Out Of The Blue. We are passionate about releasing people into their creativity, inner freedom/healing, spiritual enlightenment, healthy and eco living, developing your whole being, physical and spiritual. 

We do this through offering creative activities, life coaching and psycho dynamic therapy with specialism in art, wellbeing and spiritual guidance & decluttering service.


You can book a ready made session or why not plan your own day by combining activities. some examples below.


  • Outdoor Photography lessons  

  • Spiritual guidance, chat and walk

  • Art psychotherapy & wellbeing sessions  

  • Inner Healing ministry 

  • Half day use of retreat room plus half day chat and walk.


Jo-Ann is a HCPC registered Art Psychotherapist with 25 years experience in mental health.

Anthony has many years experience in guiding and coaching people into deeper exploration of their spiritual and artistic expression, and is a keen hiker and photographer. Please see the About Us information below for more details of who we are and what our plans are.


We feel our conviction and passion to seek and follow God in all things has led us on quite a unique journey for many years.

Making life choices has always flowed from that oneness with him, whatever the cost.

Our journey with him has involved untangling ourselves from the worlds/people’s expectations of what we should do or be like. We have explored this as individuals, a married couple and as family with our kids. Through this walk God has equipped us with tools and wisdom. We feel that as folk stay at Out Of The Blue and walk with us it’s this wisdom and tools that they may access through us. It may be through going for a walk with one of us or it may be a more directed time within an Art session. As God leads an individual or group to us, we hope to journey with them and encourage them.

For more insight into us and our plans please see the future plans pages in the main menu

Out of the Blue is a business partnership, run by two partners, Anthony Egerton and Jo-ann Egerton.


Hi guys. I love life particularly the dark blue, starry filled winter skies of Cornwall, the cold crisp air, filled with the wondrous rich smell of wood burning fires. Summer Striped tops, travels in the camper van, swimming in the sea tending to what grows, plant based cooking, nurturing & futuring. Abit more okay ..... & drinking russian caravan tea, eating jam sandwiches (I love Paddington too ;) ) celebrating colour, texture, pattern & a whole load of wool in my clothing, being creative. Far too much creative juice for just moi ha ha. So I love caring creatively for people and have spent many years working alongside individuals, groups and communities home & abroad. Supporting their engagement with creativity through fun, educational and health based activity, as an artist, art psychotherapist, spiritual healer, facilitator & educator. Always open to new experiences most recently driving instructor for our kids ha ha . I love the father creator & I understand how the creative process expands a wondrously rich relationship with him. Refreshing the body, renewing the mind and re building the spirt, unlocking inspiration, imagination & innovation, bringing life inside & outside. Cant wait for you to join us on this journey! L plates included ;))


You will more than likely catch me walking, taking photos or drinking coffee or all three.

I love photography and love chatting with and befriending people. I believe an artistic person always has art living in them whether they have been free to express it or not. I am passionate about seeing people released into the enjoyment of their art and general life, whether for fun, a job, part time or full time. I studied Art & Design but then took a different path, including youth work, church ministry, mentoring, life advice, banking and self-employed decorator plus other things. All of which give me a unique and broad insight and outlook on life.

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3 The Gap

Fowlfield Row



Phone: 01326 561180


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